Active Sports Events Partners

We are fortunate to surround ourselves with incredible partners, sponsors and charities to help create truly unique and special events.  


113 Events

113 Events Active Sports Events big brother in the triathlon world. They're a small, family-run, event organiser just like ourselves and have build an incredible reputation for putting on truly spectacular middle distance events in the Cotswolds. The ‘Mr and Mrs’ team focussing on running a couple of friendly, welcoming races out of the Ashton Keynes Water Park in the heart of the most beautiful part of the Cotswolds. 113 Events, Cotswold based Triathlons focus on the Middle distance triathlons, Cotswold 113 and Cotswold Classic.

Lake 32

The home of Cotswold Sprint Triathlon, Cotswold Standard distance triathlon and the Cotswold Big Swim Festival